Homemade Hummus

Yes, it’s official, it’s on the menu. It’s yummy. It’s authentic. It’s homemade. Tahini, chick peas, and two additional toppers (pine nut, and roasted pepper). We even made our own crispy dipping crackers / chips. It’s also vegan, and optional gluten free bread.


Expanded Menu?

Yup. We’re expanding out the menu. We just added a BLT and bananas and Nutella crepes. We have two more sandwiches in the works, a pasta expansion, more crepes, and a homemade hummus that we will be doing on items and by itself, and more. More drinks too. Mimosa’s and Mules are on the cusp of being ready. We heard ya. Cmon in and try the new items!


2 oz drinks?

Hi Midtown. Did you know that we have 2 oz liquor pours on all of our drinks? A “normal” pour is 1.25-1.50 oz. Ours is 33% more than most all of the bars out there. And we do local liquor, not bottom shelf or overdone name brands that are at bargain basement prices. You can go anywhere for that. What you get here is top quality, and heavy pours. And we do 9oz pours of our wine, not 6 oz. Cheers!

Oh and did you know we now have Mimosa’s? Don’t like champagne? Then have a Ciderosa. What the heck is that? It’s a Colorado Glider Cider with Orange juice. You’ve got to try it!

Small Plates

OK, let’s talk about this one. I heard someone say that they wanted “something more substantial” than a small plate. Ouch. First of all, we don’t want to scare anyone off. Small plates have been a thing for a bit. Our small plates are actually quite big. The Silli Pasta is something most people aren’t able to finish off in one sitting. Most people ask for to go boxes. I myself have to share, which I really like to do, as that’s what I think a small plate is really about, sharing with those you love.

Maybe it’s the Italian in me, but I am a food pusher. Here, try this. Have some of this. I like to have a bunch of items, and share with family or friends, or hey, even strangers. I was in the kitchen covering an hour while Sadie had to run an errand, and before one of our cooks came in. A couple stopped in from out of town visiting one of their Midtown friends, and stopped in. I wasn’t in the kitchen two minutes before they ordered a caprese salad, and a shareable charcuterie tray. I LOVE Italian cheeses, and these two dishes get to showcase a lot of them. Did you know that we have Piave? Its an great cheese from the Dolomites region, think WAY northeast, not even part of the boot. It’s in the mountains. Its a GREAT cheese, from cow’s milk. One of my wife’s favorite. A very different cheese from our Manchego, which is a Spanish sheep cheese. I brought out the tray and explained all of the meats and cheese we had, and presented the caprese salad, which is simple, fresh, and very awesome. Where was I going with this? Oh right. Sharing. So I was in the kitchen, just about to leave and decided I needed some Silli pasta for myself. I decided to share some with my two new friends. Two little bowls just to try it out. Pasta, pesto with asiago cream. They LOVED it!! They also told me that our caprese was spot on, and one thing they liked was that we didn’t try to overdo the tomatoes. Something that I hadn’t thought about, as I was always a thin sliced tomato guy. We only use Roma’s in our caprese. Doesn’t everyone? Anyway..

Sharing is what small plates are all about. Come in and share some plates with someone!