Takeout and delivery available, delivery cart, and a big THANK YOU!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us during these times. Its really heartwarming to see the neighborhood pull together during these times. We are trying to provide meals in both the take and bake option as well as our normal menu. The take and bakes have been really popular. Sadie made a great quiche yesterday, a bacon and pepper, and a veggie one. Both are YUMMY. We wanted to do something a bit different than pasta, so Sadie made a cheesey chicken with veggies.

We are able to deliver wine, Bruz beers and mixed drinks (yeah, it’s weird for us too). We are not allowing more than 5 people in our store at once, and we want customers to ensure they are distanced from each other. We encourage call ahead, pay over the phone, and a quick pick up when it’s ready. We can deliver to your house, but only the have the means when we have enough staff, normally at night.

We had no clue the neighborhood would crave our burgers this much. We will have those for the foreseeable future. They are 8oz monsters and take longer than most, and we ask for about 15-20 min, so please call ahead on those, or put in the order and walk the dog. They are on a Midtown local’s hamburger bun too! YAY Midtown!

Finally, a big THANK YOU to the neighborhood. We are all in this one together, and you all have been so supportive. We are trying to flex to provide what people need, want, and in the times so we can keep staff employed. We had to cut some hours, but we even bent on that as we open for a short period of time on Tuesday night, as we cook in the back during the day to get ready for the week.

Stay safe out there!


We’re still open!! Take out service only

What is happening?

Denver county announced that all restaurants and bars are ordered to be closed except for carryout and delivery. While Bonbons is actually in unincorporated Adams county, and not Denver, we are going to stick with this plan. We will be open for carryout food only. No bar or sit down service at this point until further notice. We are evaluating food delivery services as quick as we can, but those services are now getting overwhelmed.

How can you help?

We are asking you to keep visiting and using our establishment (and other local restaurants) and our neighbor Bruz with whatever help you can to keep us afloat during these rough times. Just you buying our food will help us pay employees wages and things that just don’t stop like rent, utilities and taxes. Bonbons and La Patisserie Francaise has almost 30 employees that could be affected with disruptions like this. We have narrow margins to hang on and will continue to provide our food as best we can, in a take out fashion and are trying to adjust to keep Bonbons alive during this time.

What we are doing about the coronavirus

Well, we are all trying to keep up with the ever changing news, and how restaurants are handling this crisis. Here’s a quick update from us.

#1, Thanks for the support. We have spoken with many customers, we know they are concerned for us. We have seen Facebook and saw lots of encouragement. We have people coming out patronizing us, still in a safe manner. It helps a lot. We have our employees to worry about and want to be sure we come out on the other side of this as well.

We will have legal changes both from state and federal that we will need to deal with, which may force our direction on what we can and can’t do. We’ve seen other states close restaurants partially, and other countries close them outright. We think that we are heading to a reduced capacity. We hope this means that we can still do takeout service, and provide our food to customers, or remain open, just not allowing full seating. Until Colorado or the Federal government change laws, or alter official suggestions, here’s what we are doing in the meantime.

Most of our food can easily be made to go. We think this would be very easy to do even curbside if we are advised to. We are planning more grab and heat meals to assist families during this time. We think our supply chain will continue to allow us to offer almost everything we currently make and more. We are putting together to go pasta dish, with meat sauce, and or sausage, with bread and salad.

Our seating plan is conducive to social distancing. We may alter our floor plan to ensure this is the most effective. Our customers are already spreading out. We have removed our “Self service coffee station” which had sugar packets, creamer, hot sauces, and to-go lids and cutlery. We have laminated menus, which allows them to be sanitized multiple times per day. We are curtailing large events, and will evaluate the ones already on the calendar.

We know we will be impacted as we all move through this. Restaurants have always provided a level of comfort to people historically, and we would like to continue that in a safe way. We have read numerous articles on how we can achieve this and how people can still go out, enjoy themselves, destress a bit, and have some bit of normalcy back in today’s times, and in a safe manner.

To be honest, it’s rough, really rough. We see measures coming in for employees and tax credit promises, and zero dollar loans for payroll, the government is definitely trying to keep employees whole, and safe. As owners however, we are wondering and struggling on how to keep the money flowing without our customers, who have been scared from the same government and media coverage. Loans and tax credits are a future idea to try and make money work for owners, but very much in the future. Immediate cash flow is the biggest enemy we will have to deal with. We need and thank you for your support during these times to keep everything up and running.


Comfort food

Bonbons was just described as having ‘comfort food’ on Google, which took me aback when I read it. Then I thought about it. Sadie had featured several specials that I used to make for her, tomato soup, sausage and peppers, and pesto pasta. Well. It was actually quite flattering, but I realized it was comfort food, just not the kind that get described by most restaurants. So, my favorite is sausage and peppers. This is actually from my Italian roots, and my family used to eat this as a staple. It was my dad’s favorite item to get as a sandwich, The east coast fairs used to have this as a food stand, along with fried dough (just wait till I can get this as a special, I did several tests on some customers, they loved it!), which my great grandmother used to make me as a kid. So we sort of do have some comfort foods, and some of those specials just make it onto the menu. Sausage and peppers which have our pan roasted peppers, sautéed onions, and local sausage, topped with Parmesan cheese, over linguini. Why linguini? Ask Randy his opinion on the pasta.. it’s a story. Anyway, enjoy our comfort food, and stop by to see which special we have come up with, it may just be your new comfort food!


Fresh bread?

Yup, we now make bread onsite. We were trying to figure out how to get our bread from the bakery over to Bonbons, but timing wise never worked. We pick up pastries at 6, and the bread comes out around 8-9. So we did the next logical step, we bake it onsite. And it’s yummy. We have a convection oven, so it cooks a bit different from the bakery, but is sort of leathery, blistered and soft. A perfect combination, and since Randy (me) is a bit of a self accepted bread snob, we now have it daily. We serve both full size baguettes, as well as half sizes (demis). Sooo glad to have it here. Come buy a loaf and be fore-warned, it’s awesome. We will ramp up production to make sure you have plenty. And prepare for an earful if you ask Randy to explain how we make it!


Steak Mondays

I was speaking with a new customer the other day. We were testing out a new steak for our upcoming Steak Monday, and also testing out a burger, and she mentioned that she wanted me to post up on the webpages, that Steak Monday was a recurring special. We normally post on Facebook, but know that we don’t reach everyone there, and we need to keep our specials up to date on the webpage. So.. to my loyal blog readers, I am announcing that we are doing Steak Monday’s. We will probably post it as a recurring special, but will probably post the individual cuts here as well a coupe, of days prior. So what it Steak Monday you ask? Well, my wife is actually a steak and potatoes person, and I normally cook a steak for her once a week. We have tried all sorts of cuts, and are trying to mix it up a bit at the restaurant, and heard loud and clear that people wanted more protein from us. Our newest chef is a great cook, and jumped at the opportunity to have steak night, and promptly served us some killer steak. Our first night was a tenderloin with a cream sherry sauce, which we followed up with a grilled Flatiron steak, which is personally my favorite cut. I made our bartender a ribeye the other day, which is basted in butter and herbs and garlic, yummy the way it’s supposed to be. Wait a minute, for those who know me, I prattle on talking about food, and missed the point. Steak Monday, a new recurring day for you beef lovers. We also have new chicken pastas dishes, in case beef isn’t your thing, and we can always do a vegetarian option. Come check us out on Mondays, and say a ‘Hi’ to Dan in the kitchen. He’s the brains behind the dishes and their sides. The glazed carrots and the sweet potato mash are as much of a hit as the main dishes. See you on Monday!