Bonbons was just described as having ‘comfort food’ on Google, which took me aback when I read it. Then I thought about it. Sadie had featured several specials that I used to make for her, tomato soup, sausage and peppers, and pesto pasta. Well. It was actually quite flattering, but I realized it was comfort food, just not the kind that get described by most restaurants. So, my favorite is sausage and peppers. This is actually from my Italian roots, and my family used to eat this as a staple. It was my dad’s favorite item to get as a sandwich, The east coast fairs used to have this as a food stand, along with fried dough (just wait till I can get this as a special, I did several tests on some customers, they loved it!), which my great grandmother used to make me as a kid. So we sort of do have some comfort foods, and some of those specials just make it onto the menu. Sausage and peppers which have our pan roasted peppers, sautéed onions, and local sausage, topped with Parmesan cheese, over linguini. Why linguini? Ask Randy his opinion on the pasta.. it’s a story. Anyway, enjoy our comfort food, and stop by to see which special we have come up with, it may just be your new comfort food!