Yup, we now make bread onsite. We were trying to figure out how to get our bread from the bakery over to Bonbons, but timing wise never worked. We pick up pastries at 6, and the bread comes out around 8-9. So we did the next logical step, we bake it onsite. And it’s yummy. We have a convection oven, so it cooks a bit different from the bakery, but is sort of leathery, blistered and soft. A perfect combination, and since Randy (me) is a bit of a self accepted bread snob, we now have it daily. We serve both full size baguettes, as well as half sizes (demis). Sooo glad to have it here. Come buy a loaf and be fore-warned, it’s awesome. We will ramp up production to make sure you have plenty. And prepare for an earful if you ask Randy to explain how we make it!