What is happening?

Denver county announced that all restaurants and bars are ordered to be closed except for carryout and delivery. While Bonbons is actually in unincorporated Adams county, and not Denver, we are going to stick with this plan. We will be open for carryout food only. No bar or sit down service at this point until further notice. We are evaluating food delivery services as quick as we can, but those services are now getting overwhelmed.

How can you help?

We are asking you to keep visiting and using our establishment (and other local restaurants) and our neighbor Bruz with whatever help you can to keep us afloat during these rough times. Just you buying our food will help us pay employees wages and things that just don’t stop like rent, utilities and taxes. Bonbons and La Patisserie Francaise has almost 30 employees that could be affected with disruptions like this. We have narrow margins to hang on and will continue to provide our food as best we can, in a take out fashion and are trying to adjust to keep Bonbons alive during this time.