Thanks to everyone who has supported us during these times. Its really heartwarming to see the neighborhood pull together during these times. We are trying to provide meals in both the take and bake option as well as our normal menu. The take and bakes have been really popular. Sadie made a great quiche yesterday, a bacon and pepper, and a veggie one. Both are YUMMY. We wanted to do something a bit different than pasta, so Sadie made a cheesey chicken with veggies.

We are able to deliver wine, Bruz beers and mixed drinks (yeah, it’s weird for us too). We are not allowing more than 5 people in our store at once, and we want customers to ensure they are distanced from each other. We encourage call ahead, pay over the phone, and a quick pick up when it’s ready. We can deliver to your house, but only the have the means when we have enough staff, normally at night.

We had no clue the neighborhood would crave our burgers this much. We will have those for the foreseeable future. They are 8oz monsters and take longer than most, and we ask for about 15-20 min, so please call ahead on those, or put in the order and walk the dog. They are on a Midtown local’s hamburger bun too! YAY Midtown!

Finally, a big THANK YOU to the neighborhood. We are all in this one together, and you all have been so supportive. We are trying to flex to provide what people need, want, and in the times so we can keep staff employed. We had to cut some hours, but we even bent on that as we open for a short period of time on Tuesday night, as we cook in the back during the day to get ready for the week.

Stay safe out there!