So this one kind of hit us by storm, but we’ve been trying to get a GOOD burger on the menu since we opened. Sadie had a certain burger in mind. We tried a couple over last year, that weren’t just to standard. They were sort of good, but they just didn’t hit our quality.

After a bit of time, she sent me into the kitchen and had me make a burger. I used 80/20 meat, and went BIG, 8oz to be exact. Grilled, not on a griddle or a frying pan.

She wanted it simple. A good burger, not overdone (don’t get me started on the USDA’s definition of done, which is 160 degrees), and she wanted blue cheese, and a really good bun. We used a local wholesale bun for a bit, but Harvest Moon came to the rescue with some buns that we settled on. They have a brioche, a potato and a challah one that rocks. Simple was the key. BIG burger, good local bun, options for bacon, lettuce, tomato, different kinds of cheese and a side of fries. DONE.

With that killer base, we have lots of options. I made a Greek burger, which was olives and feta, and we did a caprese burger (yea, we like mozzarella, tomato and basil).

So far you guys have responded huge. We have had some good feedback on the size and quality, exactly what we were after. I’m glad we finally got one on the menu, and we have them every day besides Monday and Tuesday. BURGERS ARE HERE TO STAY!!